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What happens when your flight crew leave the front door of the plane OPEN

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
CEBU / PHILIPPINES — Jin Air, a budget airline affiliated with Korean Air Lines, failed to properly close the front door of their plane during a flight over the weekend. 163 passengers were on-board the Boeing 737-800 when it departed from Cebu, Philippines.

Passengers complained of headaches and felt pain in their ears, probably due to the loss of cabin pressure. Video recorded by one of the passengers shows a gap in the door frame, big enough to fit a finger in. You can also hear the leaking air in the video.

After just 30 minutes in the air, the plane landed safely back at Cebu. The passengers were placed on another flight and arrived at Busan, South Korea 15 hours behind their original flight schedule.

"I thought I would die here because I was numb with a headache," one of the passengers told South Korea's Yonhap News Television.

The head of Jin Air's Busan office, Park Mun-Seung, said, "I am sorry and I apologize for this."


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