Adventure Jeep Track To Fairy Meadows

8 years ago
A road journey from Lahore on the eighth wonder of the world, Karakoram Highway took us two days to reach Raikot Bridge with a night stay at Bisham PTDC motel. The traveling from Bisham to Chillas is very exhausting and time does not seem to pass by. Even after traveling for hours the destination does not come early. A moment comes when you start thinking that there would be no Chillas, and when you are on the very verge of losing patience, it shows up. This part of the journey is not at all pleasant. This is a journey which seriously tests your patience; your mental will to travel and your physical strength. This is no true for traveling freaks.Jeeps are available at Raikot Bridge round the clock and can carry Six passengers in one go to Fairy Meadows point or Tattu village (another name for Fairy Meadows). The track is one of the most dangerous yet beautiful and perfectly safe. It is wide enough for a single jeep, but the traffic moves in both directions. I was afraid that what would happen if there appear a jeep from the other end, and it happened. The drivers are skilled enough and know how to deal with it, something they do it many times a day, but it is scary as hell for the first timer like me. It took us two and a half hour to reach Tattu village.

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