Fairy Meadows The Most Dangerous Road in Pakistan

8 years ago
Fairy Meadows Road is a spectacular and dangerous high mountain track with a length of 16,2km, located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The gravel road is completely unmaintained, there are no guardrails to protect you, and it gets so narrow that near the end you’ll have to cover the last section by walking or biking.

Road from Raikot to Fairy Meadows.
Starting high in the Himalayas near the indus river, the steep and bumpy rocky road swirls up almost 8000 feet on its horrifying 10 km path which surely can be called "Road of Death". one subtle mistake can lead you to a disastrous outcome. The road takes you to the village of Tattu, from there, you begin trekking to the lush green plains of fairy meadows streching in front of world's 9th highest mountain Nanga Parbat also coded by mountaineers as "The Killer Mountain".

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