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Football Playing On Frozen River in Gilgit Baltistan

For an outsider, it looks like a matter of life and death. A deep, frozen lake on which parents let children play without a care for their safety.

Freezing temperatures in Gilgit-Baltistan have turned the upper part of Khalti Lake into an ice sheath. Situated 120 kilometres away from Gilgit, the lake is between 30 to 70 feet deep, depending on where one stands. If the frozen surface breaks, the children who slip and slide in merriment on the tricky top would fall right into the lake.
However, the residents of Gupis tehsil, Ghizer district are less cynical. They are not afraid of lake’s depth or the danger it could put their children in. Small villages in the region do not have playgrounds where children can expend their energies. The lake is a makeshift playground for children.

“It was a mind-boggling sight to see children playing fearlessly on the frozen lake,” said Abdul Rehman Bukhari, a resident of Gilgit who visited the lake on Friday. “They did not seem to care about the risks involved.”

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