Skydiver Knocked Unconscious In Freefall

  • 9 years ago
The video is from my helmet of a skydive that I am knocked unconscious in from behind. I

I get knocked unconscious at 0:34 in the video.

There are 12 people in the skydive (with others leaving the plane just after we jump off). One individual leaving the plane after me lost control above and was falling much faster. They fell straight onto my head with their leg knocking me completely unconscious.

I am now tumbling through the air uncontrollably and 2 other skydivers realised something was wrong. They chase after me and fortunately I roll into a more stable position - still quickly drifting in the sky. They get infront and show me hand signals (taught to you as a new skydiver) to see if I am responsive. They have no response and manage to get hold of my body and keep me from going back into a tumble.

One skydiver waves to try and get the rest of the group to go away and deploys my parachute to get me out of freefall. They fall further and deploy their own parachutes, racing to the ground to alert ground staff and other skydivers.

I slowly start coming round as the parachute opens and gently fly back onto the landing area.

Following a trip to A&E where I was checked over, it was found nothing was severely damaged.