Hasrat Ullah Sherwani

Hasrat Ullah Sherwani is an Indian politician & a member of the 15th Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh (UP) in India. He represented the Kasganj constituency of UP election in 2007 till 2012.He played a key role in formation of the Kasganj District.

Hasrat Ullah Sherwani is a firm believer of being someone who is known to build a charismatic social presence on the foundation of authenticity, truth & consistent progress.

Being a farmer himself, he knows that people are smart to know when they are being taken for a ride so his focus and utmost agenda has always been to accentuate every livelihood not just limited to the Kasganj district in UP but elsewhere as well.

Under the leadership Hasrat Ullah Sherwani as a MLA from Kasganj, he demanded to make it a separate district. Today, Kasganj is the 71st district of Uttar Pradesh.