"Mount Everest saved my life for a second time"

  • 24 days ago
A man who beat cancer as a boy says climbing Mount Everest has saved his life for a second time.

Jordan Chhetri was just 13, he was treated for stage four non-Hodgkin lymphoma at Southampton General Hospital's Piam Brown unit in 2009.

His chance of survival was 20 per cent, as the cancer was 14 by nine inches across his chest.

But after he was given his cancer-all-clear, post nine months of intense treatment, Jordan said his life spiralled - as he got into drinking, partying and 'killing his health' through junk food.

After looking in the mirror one day at 29-years-old and 'not liking who he saw' Jordan decided to 'take back control' and change his life for the better - by getting into exercise, training and eventually deciding to partake in the ultimate mission: climbing Mount Everest.

Now 30, Jordan, from Fleet, Hampshire, smashed the challenge and raised over £6,300 for the hospital that supported him with treatment to beat cancer.