Adults will spend 25 hours glued to the TV this summer watching sport

  • 24 days ago
This hilarious video shows Mark Wright going head-to-head with the pros in a range of different sports.

As the summer of sport approaches, the TV star was challenged at gymnastics, football, and even pickleball to see how they fared against the professionals.

First up, he was challenged by Max Whitlock, a Team GB gymnast, to perform a routine on a pommel horse.

Next, he got his gloves on for a penalty shootout against Lionesses Millie Turner and Toni Duggan – but only managed to keep out one of their many attempts.

And he was given the run-around at pickelball - the sport which combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong - by rising star of the sport, Thaddea Lock.

It comes after research found the average adult will be spending 25 hours glued to the TV this summer - as the sporting takeover begins.

Mark Wright, who is working with Babybel, said “I’ve always been passionate about sports and they’ve played a hugely important part in my life.”