Remembering Tupac Shakur (Sunday, June 16)

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Tupac Shakur.
Lesane Parish Crooks, also known as
Tupac Amaru Shakur, was born on June 16, 1971.
The rapper was born in
Harlem, New York.
Tupac is considered one of the
greatest artists ever and has sold
over 75 million records worldwide.
He released his debut album,
'2Pacalypse Now,' in 1991.
The rapper was
heavily involved in
the East Coast-West Coast
hip-hop rivalry.
Tupac’s album, 'All Eyez on Me,' became one of the best-selling U.S. albums.
It was also considered
the first double album
in hip-hop.
Tupac acted in the films 'Juice'
and 'Poetic Justice.'.
He was shot multiple times by
an unknown gunman on
September 7, 1996.
and later died on September 13, 1996,
at the age of 25.
Happy Birthday,
Tupac Shakur!