Alpha Neurofeedback Study Adds Improved Visual Working Memory to List of Benefits

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Alpha Neurofeedback Study Adds, Improved Visual Working Memory , to List of Benefits.
The results of a recent study suggest
that neurofeedback training can improve
a person's visual working memory.
'PsyPost' reports that biofeedback training
is a form of therapy that uses real-time
monitoring of various physiological functions. .
The goal is to help an individual consciously control
these processes that include heart rate, muscle
tension and even brainwave activity.
Generally, the technique is applied to bodily
processes that a person is unaware of with
their consciously-available senses.
In order to reduce anxiety, improve focus or a sense
of well-being, alpha neurofeedback training helps an
individual learn to control their alpha brainwave activity. .
Alpha brainwaves are associated
with a relaxed meditative state,
when the brain is calm yet alert.
Study author Wenbin Zhou and his colleagues
found that neurofeedback training could also
improve a person's visual working memory.
This is the cognitive system responsible for
storing and manipulating visual information
in order to perform problem-solving tasks. .
These results suggest that alpha
NF [neurofeedback] training
influences performance in
working memory tasks involved
in the visuospatial sketchpad, Study authors, via 'PsyPost'.
Notably, we demonstrated
that alpha NF training improves
the quantity and quality of
visual working memory, Study authors, via 'PsyPost'.
The results were published in the
journal 'NPJ Science of Learning.'