Night-time camera captures foxes and hedgehog sharing meal

  • last month
Night-time footage captured a hedgehog sharing an evening meal with hungry foxes - and fighting back when one gets too greedy.

The unfazed hedgehog was spied munching on left-out cat food when it was approached by three foxes.

Two of the animals took it in turns to feed from the dish, eating side by side with the snuffling critter.

One of the foxes was even nipped on the nose by the hedgehog after it interrupted his evening meal.

Claire Eason, 59, captured the unlikely scene in her back garden in Sunderland at 11pm on Tuesday (11/6).

She shared the footage on social media to try and get answers after being left surprised at the hedgehogs bravery.

Retired GP and beach artist Claire said: “He's the hard hedgehog of Sunderland.

"This was the big draw, I had a bit of kitten food left. Whatever I’ve got I put it out.

"There was a fox with a bit of a limp, that’s what I've been keeping an eye on and what triggered the camera.

“I put the camera out six times a week. It’s usually a fox, or this hedgehog or a domestic cat. Never would I ever think I would see the animals interacting like this.

“I couldn’t find any video of foxes and hedgehogs interacting, that’s why I put the question out online.

“I would love to know if people have had any similar experiences.

"The first one, the lame one, was pushing its snout to the edge of the bowl but the hedgehog didn't flicker. It must be able to sense that movement.

“The second fox, which is definitely the most pushy, just barges in and looks like it gets a nip on the nose.

"The third fox just kept away and wasn’t going to disturb the hedgehog at all.

“It’s fascinating to see their attitudes towards this little hedgehog. You’d think it’d curl up. I’ve filmed the bowl for six months and never seen them interact before.

"It was just mesmerising that the hedgehog was unfazed. It would’ve been there for five minutes. You don’t see two foxes together, it’s like they’re taking turns.

“It’s lovely to get a little insight into the animal kingdom. They’re not so dissimilar to people in the characters.”

The British hedgehog is now classed as vulnerable to extinction with a third of the population lost since 2000.