Woman stunned after bear opens her car door and climbs into passenger seat

  • last month
A woman was left stunned to find a black bear had opened her car and climbed into the passenger seat.

Annalyn Chia, 29, was vacationing with her friends in the Great Smoky Mountains in Townsend, Tennessee, USA when she witnessed a bear trying to gain access to her car.

The video shows the bear poking its head from out of the car whilst Annalyn can be heard instructing her friend to "get some pots and pans" to scare the bear away.

Annalyn, who works as an executive assistant in Chicago, Illinois, USA, said: "Shortly after arriving at our Airbnb cabin, several of us witnessed the bear attempt to open the door of the black car first.

"Since it was locked, It moved to my car, which was unlocked and proceeded to climb into the passenger side of the vehicle.

"The bear eventually left after we triggered the car alarm."