We Just Realized Miley Cyrus’ Wild Grammys Dress Was Made Of 14,000 Safety Pins And Now I’m Even More Shook

  • last month
When Miley Cyrus showed up at the 2024 Grammys, her out-there red carpet look was both dense and barely-there, a dichotomy that made the outfit feel tough and delicate at the same time. Cyrus has now shared more about the look and how it came together. We feel silly saying this, but we had no idea the dress was made out of safety pins. 14,000 safety pins, to be exact.

Cyrus opened up about the look in a post on Instagram, noting how some of the intensive details on the ‘fit came together. Maison Margiela was responsible for crafting the design, which is one of several the pop singer sported during the event, as she also performed onstage and accepted awards for Best Record and Pop Solo Performance.