Texans Get Special NWS Warning Ahead of Extreme Heat

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Texans Get Special , NWS Warning Ahead of , Extreme Heat.
'Newsweek' reports that the National Weather Service
(NWS) in Brownsville, Texas, has issued a special
weather statement ahead of scorching
temperatures across the region.
The special release urges pet owners to remember to
give animals plenty of fresh drinking water following
several weeks of above average temperatures.
On June 6, temperatures in Death Valley National Park
reached 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the earliest in the year
that the extreme temperature has ever been reached.
On June 10, residents in Brownsville, Texas, can
expect daytime temperatures in the upper 90s, with
the heat index driven up to 113 degrees with humidity.
Parts of inland Kenedy and Brooks counties,
as well as the Rio Grande Valley, are areas
most likely to see above average temperatures.
Be sure to check on elderly and
inform neighbors and relatives.
Provide shade and fresh water
for outdoor pets and livestock
and check the backseat of your
vehicle when transporting children, National Weather Service, via 'Newsweek' .
If working outside today,
be sure to continue to take
the necessary measures,
that is to drink plenty of water,
wear loose-fitting and
light-colored clothing,
and take frequent breaks
in air-conditioned locations, National Weather Service, via 'Newsweek' .
According to PETA, 163 animals died
due to heat-related causes in 2023.
'Newsweek' reports that precautions dog-owners
can take include walking dogs in the early morning or
late evening to avoid extreme pavement temperatures. .
Temperatures are likely to worsen
throughout the week in Texas