Nokia Makes ‘World’s First’ Phone Call Using Spatial Audio

  • last month
Nokia Makes ‘World’s First’ Phone Call , Using Spatial Audio.
On June 10, Nokia said that it completed
"the first audio and video call using
3D spatial audio," The Verge reports. .
The call was made with the 3GPP Immersive Video and Audio Services (IVAS) codec on a cell network.
The IVAS codec enables callers to experience
"sound spatially in real-time," the company said. .
It is part of an upcoming
5G upgrade called 5G Advanced.
Presently, cell phone calls are monophonic, compressed into one channel.
But spatial audio is perceived
from multiple directions since audio is delivered through numerous channels.
Some apps currently offer
spatial audio, but the experience is only available on supported listening devices.
A "vast majority" of smartphones
would be able to enable spatial audio
with the IVAS codec, Nokia says.
This is now becoming standardized ... so the
network providers, chipset manufacturers,
handset manufacturers can begin to
implement it in their products. , Nokia president Jenni Lukander, via statement.
The Verge reports that it will
likely be a few more years before the
technology becomes mainstream.