The Executive Leading Apple's AI and Machine Learning Vision and What the Tech Giant Will Reveal at WWDC

  • last month
John Giannandrea, Apple's senior vice president of AI and machine learning, is pivotal in leading the company's AI strategy. New AI features for iPhone, iPad, and Mac are expected to be announced under his leadership at the upcoming WWDC conference on Monday. Giannandrea was a top executive at Google before joining Apple in 2018 to focus on boosting its work in AI and machine learning. Giannandrea is described as a humble and ahead-of-the-curve technologist who doesn't seek publicity like other tech executives. At Apple, his team's work has included AI features that enhance photos, accessibility, and Siri, though most have been behind-the-scenes until now. In addition to his tech career, Giannandrea also sits on the board of the SETI Institute, which focuses on searching for extraterrestrial life.