Hertz Sells Teslas for $25,000 Amid EV Slump

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Hertz Sells Teslas for $25,000 , Amid EV Slump.
Hertz Sells Teslas for $25,000 , Amid EV Slump.
Hertz Global Holdings has been trying
to unload Teslas since January.
The move comes after Hertz
revealed plans to buy hundreds of
thousands of electric vehicles (EVs) in 2021.
Our EVs can be found nationwide
in most major metros and
averaging around $25,000, Hertz spokesperson, via email to CNBC.
The sale reflects the EV market's
waning pace of growth.
Even though sales of electric vehicles have "more than quadrupled from 2020 to 2023,".
automakers are currently more concerned about selling hybrids, CNBC reports. .
So if you've been eyeing a Tesla for a
while but waiting for a more manageable price, Hertz' sale may be your answer.
Hertz-certified vehicles undergo
a 115-point inspection and come with
a 12-month/12,000 mile warranty.
Some used EVs are also eligible for tax credits.
Used car expert Yossi Levi offered tips
for purchasing used electric vehicles.
The best bang for the buck
for consumers in the market today,
bar none, is the used electric vehicle.
And the best-value purchase
is likely a three-year-old EV, Yossi Levi, Car Dealership Guy, via CNBC