Toddler baffled by mum's post-partum bump and asks if she has "one more"

  • 16 days ago
This is the adorable moment a toddler meeting her baby brother for the first time is convinced her mum still has "another one" in her post-partum tummy.

Mark and Beckie-Leigh Doig, 26, filmed their three-year-old being introduced to their newborn for the first time.

But the toddler's delighted face turns to confusion when she looks at her brother - and then her mum's post-baby tummy.

She adorably points to her mum's tummy and says: "Look you've got another one as well."

In a video, Beckie-Leigh, a textiles worker, stifles a giggle and explains the baby in their living room came from "mummy's belly" and adds: "I don't have another baby, no."

But her daughter argues "no there's one more" and points to her mum's tum.

The sweet exchange happened at their home in Forfar, Angus, Scotland, last Sunday afternoon, a day after the youngest was born, weighing 8lb 2oz.

Dad Mark, 33, a customer advisor, said it took a full ten minutes to reassure her that the baby in the car seat was the only one.

He said: "It was absolutely hilarious.

"I had to hide my laughter because I was filming and didn't want to upset her but afterwards Beckie and I could hardly contain our hysterics.

"She was really excited about the pregnancy and told everyone and loved to touch Beckie's tummy.

"She's over the moon with her little brother - she's changed his nappy already, fed and burped him."