Hims and Hers to Offer Weight Loss Injections

  • 18 days ago
Hims and Hers , to Offer Weight Loss Injections.
GLP-1 medications like Ozempic and Wegovy have become increasingly popular.
However, the market has faced some supply constraints recently because of that popularity.
On May 20, Hims & Hers Health announced that it will be providing access to compounded GLP-1 weight loss injections, CNBC reports. .
Company shares jumped over 30%
following the announcement.
Compounded versions of medications are created
by certain manufacturers who meet FDA requirements when there are medication shortages.
However, the products are not tested
for safety and efficacy by the FDA.
The new offering of compounded GLP-1 medications can be accessed by getting a prescription from a health care provider on the Hims & Hers site.
Branded GLP-1 injections will be made available
once the supply becomes more consistent.
The price for compounded injections will
start at $199 per month, CNBC reports. .
Prior to announcing its GLP-1 offerings,
Hims & Hers revealed in an earnings report...
... that it anticipates its weight loss
program to garner over $100 million
worth of revenue by December 2025.
Hims & Hers CEO Andrew Dudum said that he is "confident" that a steady supply of the compounded injections will be available for customers.
We have a certain degree of
exclusivity with that facility that
will guarantee our consumers
consistent volume and supply, Hims & Hers CEO Andrew Dudum, via statement