Bride AND four bridesmaids pregnant at same time

  • 2 months ago
A woman is pregnant at the same time as FOUR of her bridesmaids – and says their babies will be "ready-made best friends".

Sophie Hare, 27, had always dreamed of being pregnant at the same time as her pals but didn’t think it would actually happen.

But she was over the moon when she found out her sister-in-law, Megan Booth, 29, was expecting in October 2023.

Her other sister-in-law, Amber Freeman, 26, and long-term best friend, Annabel Forrest , 27, announced they were also expecting in December 2023.

Sophie and her fiancée, Ross Booth, 35, a farmer and PT, found out they were expecting their own baby at the end of December.

When she rang to tell her friend, Rachel Fletcher, 30, the news – she found out her pal was also pregnant and they were a week apart.

The friends have shared their pregnancies together and showed off their growing bumps at Sophie's hen do in March 2024.

Sophie, who owns beauty salon Hare and Beauty, from Lincoln, Lincolnshire, said: "It's generally just really nice.

"It's a different kind of support as we're all going through this at the same time.

"Doing it with your best friends is the next level of nice.

"The main comment I get is that they will be ready-made best friends."

Sophie met her fiancée, Ross, two years ago - after he reached out on Instagram.

The pair got engaged in July 2023 and are tying the knot at the end of the month.

The couple started trying for a baby in autumn 2023 but little did they know their friends were also trying around the same time.

Sophie said: "None of us knew we were trying for babies.

"We found out in October 2023 that Megan was expecting.

"Then in the run up to Christmas Amber told us and then Annabel told us with a Christmas card.

"I rang Rachel to tell her about me at 12 weeks and she was said 'no way, I'm 11 weeks'.

"It's crazy.

"It was really great but a little annoying as I had to re-buy everyone's dresses."

All the pals are pregnant with their first - apart from Amber who is expecting her second.

The girls were able to share their first scans, kicks and queries with each other.

Sophie said: "I had a really itchy belly and I said 'has everyone else had this?'

"Everyone had and it put me at ease."

Sophie and three of her bridesmaids showed off their growing stomachs at her hen do in March 2024.

Megan was unable to come as she had just given birth to her little girl, now one-month old, in March.

Sophie said: "My friend, Alex, had planned it all and had to change it when I told her I was pregnant."

The pals enjoyed a weekend of afternoon tea, pizza making, karaoke, a Mamma Mia themed night, pottery painting and massages.

Sophie has all her sights set on her wedding day but can't wait to see all the babies grow up together.

She said: "I've got hand-me-downs. Megan gave me some newborn stuff as her little girl was too big.

"I always want to include my friends. We'll all be able to do the same thing with our kids.

"I'm genuinely so excited for that."