iPhone iOS 17.5 Update Causes Users’ Deleted Photos to Reappear

  • last month
iPhone iOS 17.5 Update , Causes Users’ Deleted Photos to Reappear.
Apple's latest iOS update is making years-long deleted photos resurface on customers' phones, and it's freaking them out.
In particular, many users were shocked to see sensitive photographs, such as nudes, reappear
on their phones, 'New York Post' reports. .
I went to send a picture and saw that
the latest pictures were [not safe for
work] material we’d made years ago
when we were living apart, Apple product user, via Reddit.
But WTF. It was permanently deleted.
Years ago but magically it’s back??
I checked my iPad and it also has pictures (some art work I did
years ago). I feel so uncomfortable, Apple product user, via Reddit.
Other users referred to the issue as
"the worst software experience ever.".
These just came out of nowhere
this has to be the worst software
experience ever. I thought Apple
had a solid OS, ever since
iOS 16 it's been shambles. , Apple product user, via X.
Another person said that
25 previously-deleted voicemails also
reappeared on their phone, 'New York Post' reports. .
The reports could be down to an
indexing bug, photo library corruption,
or a syncing issue between local
devices and iCloud Photos, Via MacRumors.
Another possibility is that in
attempting to fix a photo syncing
bug that occurred in iOS 17.3,
Apple has inadvertently caused
a new syncing issue to occur that
may involve iCloud backups, Via MacRumors