FOOD DEVILS is a Strategy-RPG x Roguelite x Base Builder! Sign a contract with the Food Devils, hunt and cook whimsical creatures, and customize your restaurant to attract stronger adventurers!

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Food Devils combines the strategic depth of classic SRPGs like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics with roguelike elements inspired by Darkest Dungeon and Hades. You can also build and run your own restaurant to attract new adventurers and power up Devils and humans alike with monstrous food!

✏️ You're the last chef in a post-apocalyptic world! ✏️

Due to excessive pollution, human civilization came to an end. Several centuries have passed, and humans have become primitive once again, forced to hunt for food among forests ablaze with perpetual fire and seas filled with plastic. However, food is scarce — after all, hunting the corrupted monsters that infest these lands is no small feat. And even if someone was able to do so, who would dare cook their tainted flesh? Such is humanity’s desperation that they might even consider signing a contract with a Devil…

⭐ Gameplay ⭐

⚒️️️ Base Builder: Customize your restaurant and prepare dishes from monstrous ingredients to attract human adventurers and forge relationships with the enigmatic Food Devils!
✒️️️️️️️️️Sign a Devil Contract: Empower your adventurers by having them sign contracts with Food Devils. Select a Devil captain and assemble a team of up to 4 humans for expeditions into one of the distinct biomes of the new world!
⚔️️ Strategy RPG Roguelike: Each expedition challenges you with tactical combat in procedurally generated biomes, ensuring a unique experience every time. Equip your units with random skill sets for the duration of the run and brave the wild to gather rare ingredients for your restaurant.
⌛ It never ends! As you acquire superior ingredients, you’ll attract more formidable adventurers and new Food Devils, unlocking better tools in your arsenal, new quests and extensive customization options. Every run offers new opportunities and challenges!
❓ Branching Storylines: Though it's a roguelike, the game features profound narrative depth! Every choice you make—from dialogue options, to which Devils you support, or what dishes you cook—will influence the culture of the Haven. Each playthrough is uniquely shaped by your decisions as the Chef!
☠️ Flexible Difficulty: Whether you're a hardcore roguelike enthusiast craving a formidable challenge or you prefer a gentler RPG experience, this game caters to all preferences. Not only can you romance the Food Devils, but you can also help them overcome their differences with one another! This will have… exquisite repercussions on both gameplay and story.