Two Must-Haves for New Moms

  • 2 months ago
Once the baby arrives, new moms often overlook how to care for themselves since all the attention naturally goes to the baby. Carefree, a leading maker of feminine care products, found that 66% of moms say their feminine care needs have evolved since having children. Carefree wants to help moms in all stages of motherhood and give them a little extra love too. So, their team of all-women and moms, launched a whole new campaign called 'Protection for the Protectors' which champions the unparalleled strength of us moms. Carefree, you may know as a go-to liners brand, has now launched a whole new line of pads that are designed specifically for those expanded feminine care needs that moms face after giving birth, for protection from different types of leakage. They have a plastic-free top sheet that instantly absorbs, and 8-hour odor control and the pads are super soft too. Check them out at , or on Instagram , Facebook and TikTok . Now, new moms have a ton on their plate, as they are getting into the swing of their new routine. That's why simple beauty products that not only can save them a little time but make them feel and look great make a huge difference. When washing with Head & Shoulders BARE , not only will you feel the difference of a clean, refreshed scalp, but your hair will look amazing. You'll have more time to spend with family, and less time dealing with dandruff, and scalp itch or irritation. BARE's simple nine ingredient formula features clinically proven dandruff fighting ingredient Pyrithione zinc (ZPT) which goes deep to fight dandruff at the source while the gently cleansing formula refreshes the scalp and hair. It's sulfate, silicone, and dye free, giving mom effective Head & Shoulders dandruff protection with the BARE minimum. Get it in two different types, the BARE Pure Clean that has a light coconut water scent and cleans and clarifies for a refreshing feeling and vibrant look. BARE Soothing Hydration has a refreshing orchid and aloe scent, and it's extra hydrating and soothing if your scalp is a little drier. You can find them both at Walmart and .