Donald Trump's Truth Social: User Exodus Sparks DJT Stock Alert

  • 27 days ago
Welcome to Fan Reviews News. We have an alert regarding DJT stock and its social media platform, Truth Social. Unfortunately, the platform is losing users, which is impacting the stock's performance. According to a report from Similarweb, Truth Social's monthly active users were down 23% in April compared to the previous month. Additionally, mobile users on the website dropped by 13%. These declining user numbers are concerning for DJT stock, which has already faced challenges since going public earlier this year. Truth Social's declining user numbers are impacting DJT stock. However, the stock has shown some resilience despite the challenges it has faced. As always, it's important to do thorough research and keep up with the latest developments in the market before making any investment decisions. Stay tuned for updates on everything happening in the financial world, on Fan Reviews News.