Exciting News for Streamers: Disney+, Hulu and Max Bundle Coming Soon to the US

  • 29 days ago
Are you a fan of Disney+, Hulu, and Max? Disney has announced that they will soon be offering a streaming bundle that includes all three services. Starting this summer, you'll have the option to pay for Disney+, Hulu, and Max together in the US. You might be wondering about the pricing for this bundle. The companies have not announced the exact cost yet, but they have mentioned that it will be cheaper than paying for all three services separately. So, if you're already subscribed to any of these services, this bundle might be a great deal for you. In terms of availability, the bundle will be ready for purchase on the streaming platforms' websites. Keep an eye out for notifications on when you can get your hands on this exciting package. And stay updated on everything cool and new on what to stream, on Fan Reviews News.