MatPat Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions

  • 2 months ago
MatPat, the semi-retired YouTube host of The Game of Theorists, joins WIRED to answer his most searched questions from Google. What are his favorite video games? What's he up to in "retirement?" Will he ever come back to YouTube? It's MatPat's WIRED Autocomplete Interview.Director: Jackie PhillipsDirector of Photography: Ricardo PomaresEditor: Louville MooreTalent: MatPatCreative Producer: Justin WolfsonLine Producer: Joseph BuscemiAssociate Producer: Paul GulyasProduction Manager: Peter BrunetteCamera Operator: Shay Eberle-GunstSound Mixer: Kari BarberProduction Assistant: Brock SpitaelsPost Production Supervisor: Christian OlguinPost Production Coordinator: Ian BryantSupervising Editor: Doug LarsenAssistant Editor: Justin Symonds