DIY Cute Jelly Duck *ASMR Rainbow Sweets And Candies With Unicorn*

  • 2 months ago
Oh no, don't step on my jelly duckies! Bad unicorn! But I do have lots of rainbow candy and sweets! Have you ever tasted a sweet unicorn horn? Could you eat a giant jelly unicorn? I also have a unicorn that makes candy! There are so many sweet unicorns and rainbow candy in this video! And it's all very satisfying and ASMR

00.16 Candy Unicorn
00.36 Candy poop
01.26 Sweet Unicorn Horn
02.18 Chocolate Unicorn
03.14 Squishy Unicorn
03.59 Unicorn cookies
04.43 Jelly Unicorn
05.30 Rainbow sandwich
06.11 Rainbow noodles
07.20 Unicorn cake pop
07.52 Unicorn bun
08.20 Chocolate bomb
08.55 DIY Ice cream

#Sweets #candies #rainbow #unicorn