Delivery man sprints and leaps over gate after being chased by tiny pet dog

  • 2 months ago
This is the hilarious moment a delivery driver was sent sprinting in fear by a tiny pet dog.

Doorbell camera footage shows the man vaulting over the 1.15m tall gate as the ankle-size pooch chases after him.

Jonathan Carr, 77, Barney's owner, said that once the initial fright had passed the Yodle delivery man also had a good laugh.

Jonathan, a retired entrepreneur from Baschurch, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, said: "I went up and told him I'm going to nominate him for the Olympic hurdle team.

"He smiled and laughed. Someone else in the van - it must have been his partner - was laughing his head off."

Jonathan apologised for Barney's behavior saying that his Dachshund Yorkie cross doesn't normally do this but that he was probably triggered by the delivery man running.

He quipped: "It's amazing the skills you discover with a dog at your ankles."