How Tom Hiddleston Really Feels About Loki’s Fate In The Season 2 Finale, Reflects On Being ‘Burdened With Glorious Purpose’

  • 2 months ago
The MCU’s original version of Loki may have died a brutal death at the beginning of "Avengers: Infinity War," but his variant from the "Loki" series accessible to Disney+ subscribers is finally and truly “burdened with glorious purpose,” albeit not the one he originally envisioned for himself. Falling into the latter category of the Season 2 finale’s wacky and emotional elements, Tom Hiddleston’s character capped off the season, and possibly the show as a whole since Season 3 is up in the air, by becoming the new guardian of the Marvel multiverse. Now Hiddleston himself has shared with CinemaBlend how he really feels about this Loki’s fate.

The actor chatted with our own Erik Swann following the arrival of the "Loki" Season 2 finale, titled “Glorious Purpose,” and along with giving clarity on his comments about concluding Loki’s journey and addressing whether he’d return to the MCU, Hiddleston opened up about how that “glorious purpose” line from 2012’s "The Avengers" has defined what we’ve seen from the character for more than a decade.