Natalie Portman Admits She Gets Mistaken For Another Actress 'All The Time' And We Can Totally See It

  • last month
Natalie Portman has had a longstanding film career, and has become a household name from her work in franchises like Star Wars and "Thor," as well as her indie film work in "Black Swan" and this year’s "May December." No matter how established, Portman still is sometimes mistaken for another famous actress. While we can’t imagine not recognizing Portman, we totally see the resemblance between her and another well-established actress.

Portman was recently featured in the Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair alongside other A-Listers like Bradley Cooper and Pedro Pascal. During the interview for the publication, the magazine had the actors ask each other questions, including if they get recognized on the street and mistaken for someone else. Colman Domingo said that one time he was mistaken for Idris Elba, which most can’t see. However, when Portman mentioned being mistaken for Keira Knightley, we totally understood. It didn’t seem to bother the Jackie actress, and she takes it as a compliment.