Upcoming Lyrid Meteor Shower May Be Hard to See

  • 24 days ago
Upcoming , Lyrid Meteor Shower , May Be Hard to See.
'The Independent' reports that skywatchers
looking to catch the Lyrid meteor shower
may be foiled by the moon. .
This year's peak activity occurs
on April 21 and 22, with up to
20 meteors expected per hour. .
Potential viewing should
last through April 29. .
However, the American Meteor Society
warns that strong moonlight
may interfere with viewing. .
Every year, multiple meteor showers
occur and don't require special
equipment to see them. .
For the most part, meteor showers originate
from debris left behind by comets, like the Lyrids,
which come from the comet Thatcher. .
As these space rocks enter the Earth's atmosphere,
air resistance makes them extremely hot,
which causes the air around them to glow.
This glow leaves a fiery trail behind
the meteor, which can be observed
from the ground as a "shooting star.".
Look to the northeast and just
keep staring at the same spot
in the sky. It's always impressive
when you see these things, Don Pollacco, University of Warwick
astronomer, via 'The Independent'.
The Lyrids are best viewed from the Northern Hemisphere,
while the upcoming Eta Aquarids meteor shower
can best be seen from the Southern Hemisphere.