This Day in History: Columbine High School Massacre (Sat., April 20)

  • 24 days ago
This Day in History:, Columbine High School Massacre.
April 20th, 1999.
At 11:19 A.M., Dylan Klebold, 18, and
Eric Harris, 17, walked into their high school
and began opening fire on students and teachers.
Less than 20 minutes later, Klebold
and Harris had killed 12 of their classmates,
one teacher and had wounded 23 other people.
Less than an hour after they had
begun their rampage, the two died by
suicide after turning their guns on themselves.
The massacre in the Denver suburb
Littleton, CO, shook the nation and
made headlines around the world.
It sparked speculation on the teens' motive
and intensified debate on the contentious issue
of gun control that would continue for decades.
The methodical and planned-out rampage is
widely considered a turning point in the history
of school shootings in the United States