$25M Episodes And 'Half Baked Scripts': Marvel Insiders Claim 'She-Hulk's' Problems Were Byproduct Of Larger Issues

  • last month
In summer 2022, Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters scored the MCU spotlight for herself in "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law," one of the many Marvel TV shows that can be streamed with a Disney+ subscription. Critically-speaking, the Tatiana Maslany-led series was received decently, but it certainly didn’t escape critique, particularly for its visual effects. Well, according to Marvel insiders, there were larger issues at play with "She-Hulk," including $25 million episodes and “half baked scripts.”

Within a Variety story that also covered how Marvel Studios is reportedly interested in bringing back dead characters like Iron Man, the insiders stated that both "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" and WandaVision found themselves so log jammed on VFX work that final effects were added in after these shows had already premiered on Disney+. However, regarding the former series, some of these “inside sources” claim that Victoria Alonso, the Marvel Studios executive whom was fired from the company last year, was used as a “scapegoat” for "She-Hulk’s" issues, when the real culprit was actually “a lack of oversight on script development,” which then led to problems on the VFX side of things.