Kurt Russell Digs Into The One 'Monarch Legacy Of Monsters' Action Sequence That Reminded Him Of 'The Thing'

  • last month
There’s no shortage of the best Kurt Russell movies, with some of the best entries on that list including Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China and Tombstone. And then there’s 1982’s The Thing, the John Carpenter-helmed adaptation of John W. Campbell’s Who Goes There? that saw Russell’s R.J. Macready and his cohorts dealing with a shapeshifting alien in Antarctica. More than 40 years after that flick’s release, and while speaking with CinemaBlend, Russell dug into how one of the action sequences in his new show Monarch: Legacy of Monsters reminded him of The Thing.

Russell was one of the first actors to be added to the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters cast, with Apple TV+ subscribers watching him place Lee Shaw in the 2015 storyline, while his son Wyatt plays Lee during the 1950s. Episodes 3 and 4, titled “Secrets and Lies” and “Parallels and Interiors,” saw Lee and his new, young friends in Alaska fleeing from the Frost Vark, which was the “most challenging” Titan to design for the show.