Apple Will Soon Allow iPhones to Be Repaired With Used Parts

  • last month
Apple Will Soon Allow iPhones , to Be Repaired With Used Parts.
On April 11, Apple announced that "select"
iPhone models will be eligible for repair with used, genuine parts beginning this fall, The Verge reports. .
Currently, repairing an iPhone with a used or aftermarket piece results in notifications that Apple isn't able to verify the component.
When attempting to repair Face ID and
Touch ID sensors with used or aftermarket parts,
it "might not work at all," The Verge reports. .
But with the changes coming this fall, Apple said, "calibration for genuine Apple parts, new or used, will happen on device after the part is installed.".
This should resolve some of
the aforementioned issues.
The change will also make it so that individuals
and repair shops will no longer need the device's serial number to order "most parts from the
Self Service Repair Store," The Verge reports. .
At launch, the new policy will support
displays, batteries and cameras.
"Future" iPhone releases will support biometric sensors, Apple said. .
With this latest expansion to our repair
program, we’re excited to be adding
even more choice and convenience for
our customers, while helping to extend
the life of our products and their parts. , John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president
of hardware engineering, via statement.
Apple did not make it clear which iPhone models
will be supported under the new policy this fall