Mum embraced minimalism - and chucked out 1,000 things including kids' drawings

  • last month
Meet the minimalist mum who has thrown out more than 1,000 items from her home - including her kid's drawings.

Kylie Perkins, 25, adopted minimalist lifestyle after her son, Bo, five, was diagnosed with Doose syndrome - a rare type of epilepsy.

In a bid to "take back control" of their life, Kylie and her partner, Ryan, 25, a real estate agent decided to embrace minimalism - the idea of living with fewer items and only using what you really need.

They went through their "cluttered" three bed house room by room and over two weeks ruthlessly decluttered everything they didn't need - including jewellery, books and furniture.

Kylie got rid of over a thousand items including seven full bags of clothes and two buckets of toys that were all donated to charity.