"I've bought a full wardrobe of clothes for my future kids - despite not being pregnant or dating"

  • last month
A woman has bought a full wardrobe of baby clothes for her "future kids" - despite not being pregnant or having a partner.

Katie Wood, 32, started out thrifting for her niece, Isla, five, and nephew, Ian, 13 months.

But she decided to keep some of her finds for her future kids instead - so she can save money while planning ahead.

Even though she isn’t sure she definitely wants kids, and isn’t sure she’ll have them anytime soon, Katie says she’ll “never say never" and she’s building up an image of what their styles will look like.

She keeps a box in the attic of 20-plus items of baby clothing - as well as shoes - with silica pouches for preservation and washes them once-a-year.