Giancarlo Esposito Is Still Down To Play Professor X In The MCU, But Now It Comes With A Big Condition

  • last month
Having already left his mark on the Star Wars universe by playing Moff Gideon in "The Mandalorian," Giancarlo Esposito is looking to get in on another Disney-owned franchise. Back in August 2022, the "Better Call Saul" alum shared that he’d talked with Marvel Studios about potentially joining the franchise, and he specifically shared his interest in playing Professor X. Nearly two full years later, Esposito is still down to play the leader of X-Men, but now he has a big condition set in place for the role.

While chatting with Empire’s Amon Warmann about his role as Stanley Johnston in the TV show "The Gentlemen," which Netflix subscribers can stream now, Esposito addressed the fan interest in him bringing Professor X in an upcoming Marvel movie.