Star Wars Outlaws | Official Story Trailer 4K | 2024

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Star Wars Outlaws coming August 30, 2024 to PC (Digital), PS5 (Digital), Xbox (Digital) and Luna (Cloud), play up to 3 days earlier with the Gold or Ultimate Edition, which includes the main game and Season Pass.

Pre-order now and receive the bonus pack "Kesselflieger", with cosmetic items for your glider and your spaceship, the Bahnbrecher! With the pre-order bonus you will receive the "Kessel Flyer" bonus pack, it contains: - A cosmetic pack for your glider. - A cosmetic item for your starship, the Orbit Breakers

About Star Wars Outlaws:
Experience the first open-world game in the Star Wars universe, with a story set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Explore new and familiar planets across the galaxy. You are Kay Vess, an outlaw who, together with her companion Nix, risks everything to gain freedom and start a new life. Fight, steal and trick your way through the crime syndicates and become one of the most wanted people in the galaxy. If you are prepared to take risks, the galaxy offers endless possibilities. Find out more at

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