Save Pregnant! *Crazy Pregnant In Jail And DIY Free Hacks *

  • 2 months ago
What Happened? Pregnant woman put in jail! Hey you ruthless, why are you doing this to her? She wants to lie down, but what is this brick pillow! How cruel! It's time to take matters into your own hands. Let's make a pillow with tights.  The maternity pillow is ready. She need to get out of prison as soon as possible. Have you ever tried to make a key out of a long nail? Watch the new crazy prison pregnant video and don't miss the best hacks!Timestamps:0:00 Pregnant Goes to Jail0:32 Pillow / Tights0:54  Gender Party/ Rat1:38 Toilet foe Pregnant2:21 Make Up in Prison/ Skittles2:55 Cockroaches in bed / Vacuum Bag3:40 Need A Water/ Cocktail Straws4:40 How To Sneak Food/ Toy Fredy Bear5:16 Crazy JAilbreak/ Nails#pregnancy #jail #hacks