'I managed to get myself invited to 10 fashion shows at Paris fashion week - here's how I did it'

  • 2 months ago
A woman managed to get herself invited to 10 shows at Paris Fashion Week - by registering herself as a media company.

Sam Dean, 27, who works in tech but is a fashion content creator in her spare time, had been looking at attending fashion events to make connections in the industry.

Setting her sights on Paris Fashion Week, Sam decided to reach out to various designers.

After many rejections or no answers, she decided to try a different method to gain access to one of the most prestigious fashion events in the world.

She registered herself as her own media company and bought a domain name and email address.

From the new email address, she sent out 70 emails to designers to enquire about attending.

Sam received over 25 responses from various fashion labels giving her a chance to attend their events.

Sam, who lives in New York City, said: "I kind of knew that getting an email from at gmail.com wasn’t taken seriously in the industry so I wanted to legitimise myself in a way.

"I effectively created my own media company that I would represent myself with and received so much more response."

She flew to Paris and managed to attend 10 events between February 26 to March 5.

She was present at many staple events such as runways, fashion presentations and parties.

She said: "I had a little taste of everything whilst I was there but the presentations were my favourite

"You can get much more intimate with the collections and get up close with garments.

"It's also the best chance to network and chat with other people."

Sam was able to capture lots of content for her social channels whilst there and even spotted a famous fashion icon out and about.

She said: "I did some thrifting in Paris content, some blogs reviewing the shows I attended and also some videos about different trends I noticed.

"To top it off, I was recording a video of the Ritz when Anna Wintour walked past but I was too nervous to go over or anything."

Sam creates fashion content on both Instagram and TikTok @samiamdean.