Elon Eats Bird & Conversations w/ Not Boring's Packy McCormick & FirstMark Capital's Rick Heitzmann

  • 2 months ago
Dan talks with Not Boring Founder Packy McCormick about managing paternity leave after the birth of his second child (1:49), the volatile emotions fueling public markets (5:31), finding proper valuations for startups (7:55), Ethereum’s price slump after “The Merge” (12:44), Bitcoin’s struggles to prove its value (14:15), Elon Musk’s stunning announcement that he will buy Twitter after all (18:41), why Packy thinks the most exciting companies right now are in the private markets (27:17), and if big tech companies like Meta and Amazon have a path to get out of their slump (29:42). Later, Dan chats with FirstMark Capital’s Rick Heitzmann about his takeaways from FirstMark’s recent founders summit (39:34), if the market overcorrected from the surge in interest rates & the U.S. dollar (41:15), the potential fallout from redemptions in the private markets (45:35), Apple’s strength in the U.S. versus overseas (48:50), when the IPO market may finally reopen (53:15), venture debt changing the landscape for startups (58:55), and how much longer capital may be sitting on the sidelines in private markets (1:05:50).