'Fast And Furious’' Ludacris Talks Saying Goodbye To The Franchise, And His Biggest Goal For The Final Film
  • 2 months ago
Fans know a few details about "Fast & Furious 11" at this point, including the fact that it could very well be the final installment in Universal Pictures’ high-octane blockbuster franchise. And as of late, Vin Diesel and the cast have discussed the franchise’s conclusion. For them, the movie will mark the end of a cinematic journey, which has spanned decades. One of the series’ OGs, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, spoke with CinemaBlend about saying goodbye to this blockbuster behemoth of an IP. At the same time, he also opened up about his biggest goal for the film.

Ludacris made his first appearance as Tej Parker in 2003’s 2 "Fast 2 Furious," with the character being established as a race host and friend of Brian O’Conner. The A-lister was then absent from the franchise for several years, before Parker resurfaced in 2011’s "Fast Five." Since then, he’s popped up in all of the films and has become a core part of Toretto’s crew. His fate – along with those of several others – is left unclear by the end of "Fast X" (which left fans with questions about FF 11). However, it’s more than fair to assume that he’ll pop up again for the gang’s last ride.