'We Have The Power To Shift The Narrative': Jeremy Renner Reveals His Mom Wanted To Burn His Snowplow After Harrowing Accident
  • 2 months ago
After Jeremy Renner’s snowplow accident, he’s getting back to work on "Mayor of Kingstown" and releasing new music. He’s also reflecting on the life-changing accident and how it impacted his family. With a laugh, he revealed that his mom wanted to burn the machine that injured him. However, he explained why he wouldn’t let that happen and the power of shifting the narrative into something celebratory.

Jeremy Renner has been keeping his fans updated about his recovery. However, he has also opened up about his family’s recovery as well. While on the "Ellen K Morning Show" on KOST 130.5, he explained that his family, specifically his mom and sister, were very impacted by what happened to him.