5 Things to Know About Presidents Day
  • 2 months ago
5 Things to Know About , Presidents Day.
Before you celebrate America's
past leaders this year on February 19.
here are 5 facts
about the holiday.
1. , Presidents' Day celebrates the birthday of America's first president, George Washington.
2. , It doesn't always fall on his official birthday, as it is recognized on February's third Monday.
3, Based on the Julian calendar, the National Archives states Washington was born on February 11, 1731.
When the Gregorian calendar began being used in 1752, his birthday was changed to February 22.
3, Some states also observe Abraham Lincoln's birthday, which is on February 12, as a holiday.
4, The federal government has never officially designated the holiday as "Presidents Day.".
It says that other names can be used
by states and local governments.
5, It is also a huge day for shoppers
and sales just like Black Friday