5 of the Weirdest Super Bowl Halftime Shows
  • 2 months ago
5 of the Weirdest , Super Bowl Halftime Shows.
5, Indiana Jones and the
Temple of the Forbidden Eye (1995).
Produced by Disney to coincide
with the opening of the Disneyland
ride, the show included a snake,
fire effects and Tony Bennett.
4. , The Blues Brothers
Without John Belushi (1997).
Belushi had been dead
for more than ten years.
His brother, Jim, joined Dan
Aykroyd to headline the show.
3. , "Something Grand" (1988).
The 1988 show included
88 pianists on grand pianos,
300 Jazzercisers, 400 swing band
performers and Chubby Checker.
2. , "BeBop Bamboozled" (1989).
The Super Bowl XXIII half time
show featured an Elvis impersonator
doing the world's largest card trick.
1. , The Return of the
Mickey Mouse Club (1977).
This "Peace, Joy and Love" show kicked off
with a massive band rendition of "It's a Small
World (After All)." The show also promoted
Disney's revamp of the Mickey Mouse Club