Elephant snaps axe in half ‘like a matchstick' using its huge feet

  • 6 months ago
This is the incredible moment an elephant snapped an axe in half ‘like a matchstick’ with its huge feet.

Wildlife photographer Alistair Lyne was visiting Elephant Sands Lodge, Botswana, when he spotted a five tonne giant on the lookout for some water.

Footage then shows a lodge worker chase the elephant away with the threat of an axe to stop the colossus animal breaking water pipes.

However, the thirsty elephant quickly returned for revenge and took the tool between its massive feet and broke it in half with ease.

Alistair, 57, said: “When the elephant came back after being chased away he broke the axe. Once he got a proper grip he broke it easily, like a matchstick.

“After about 10 minutes he actually picked the axe up again and made sure it was in two pieces.

“I have never seen anything like this before. I was really surprised but at this place, elephants will break stuff to get to water and this was peak dry season.

“They really cause havoc and trash the place but they never harm a human.

“Elephants wreck the water supply every dry season because there are too many of them migrating and just too little water.

“The lodge has been supplying water for the elephants since about 2000. The idea was to try to spread the elephant herds out.

“Every year come October the elephants start to die. The rains only show end of December and last sometimes until June or July, if they're lucky.

“Botswana is as flat as a pancake. They have pans, no dams or lakes, so the water disappears quite quickly. It is a serious challenge.

“Despite weighing five tonnes this elephant was thin with a wrinkly dehydrated hide. He was clearly desperate for water and was returning to the trough at the lodge.”

The footage was filmed in October last year.