Too Much Fast Food

  • 6 months ago
Occurred on October 9, 2017 / Long Beach, California, USA

: "In 2017 my family came in from Buffalo to stay with us in Long Beach California. We were hungry for some McDonald’s, so my husband used the DoorDash app. Instead of selecting the 20-piece nuggets two times, he hit the x10 which left us with 200 nuggets. The driver messaged us and said sorry it’s taking so long, they are making everything fresh. We thought we ordered four burgers and two nuggets packs of 10. Some time went by, and I’m like, 'Where is the food?' The DoorDash app alerted me that he was at the condo so we went down to grab the bags. My mother came with me and we ended up carrying about eight bags into the house. When we got there, we just kept pulling nuggets out, nuggets after nuggets, just absolutely confused and cracking up. We looked on the DoorDash receipt and it turns out my husband hit the x10. We completely lost it. It all worked out as we lived on the beach and unfortunately, there were a lot of homeless. We went down and fed them. Yes, we paid a lot of money for it, but in the end it all worked out. All of the transients were super super happy."