DUNE: PART TWO – Last Final Trailer (2024) Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya | by Warner Bros

  • 5 months ago
Dune: Part Two's delay has left the franchise's followers with an agonizing gap between the first sequel, but it is nothing compared to how long the wait will be for Dune 3. Denis Villeneuve's interpretation of Frank Herbert's sci-fi novel has yet to be officially confirmed to be getting a third film. However, the filmmaker has long expressed his desire to adapt the follow-up book, Dune: Messiah, as a third entry in the big-budget franchise. The fate of the trilogy capper surely relies upon how well Dune 2 performs at the box office and is received by fans. Despite the high anticipation, audiences have waited longer than expected.

The reason for the longer wait than anticipated is due to Dune 2's delays, which have happened for a variety of reasons in the years since the sequel was confirmed. Initially announced with an October 20, 2023, release date, Warner Bros. andLegendary later pushed it back to November 17. Although it was eventually shifted up two weeks, the studios then elected to delay Dune 2 again, but this time it was pushed four months to March 15, 2024. That has left audiences waiting nearly five months longer than expected, which also delays when Dune 3 could happen. Yet, this recent wait is minimal compared to what's next.

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