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  • 4 months ago
Ivy is a smart plant robot. Her expressions to assist you in cultivating over 40 different plants, to make your life full of green, ease and beauty. Ivy is also your intimate and adorable [plant companion], unlocking a delightful life with rich gesture interactions and expressive feedback. Ivy is also a [smart home remote] control that activates space lighting with the touch of a leaf [APP remote viewing], reminder at any time, to understand the status of beloved plants. Switch screen to [multiple functions]: Time and weather interface, Pomodoro clock mode, Digital photo frame, more ways to play are waiting for you to explore.

Emoji Reminders

Ivy employs on-screen emojis to effectively communicate the authentic needs of the plants, ensuring a nuanced and responsive approach to their well-being.

Custom Care for Each

Ivy employs specialized care algorithms tailored for each individual plant species, give a scientific and meticulous approach to plant nurturing.

Full-Body Sensory

Ivy is outfitted with a sophisticated array of sensors, collecting comprehensive environmental data within the plant's surroundings. This data forms the basis for optimizing the spatial environment shared by both humans and plants.

Upbeat Companion

Ivy is not just a gardening tool but also your thoughtful plant companion. With its unique smart technology, Ivy engages in interactive communication through lively facial expressions and gestures. It goes beyond conveying the plant's care needs, adding a touch of fun by expressing the plant's mood through playful postures and expressions.

Smart Home Automation

Ivy goes beyond being a plant haven; it integrates smart features for an enhanced living experience. The touch-sensitive leaves provide an intuitive way to control your environment, allowing you to effortlessly toggle the lights with a gentle touch. Moreover, the sensor-equipped system collects valuable environmental data, enabling the optimization of the living space based on real-time insights.

Fits in Anywhere

Ivy was born as an exquisite gift, suitable for placement on office desks, in living rooms, or at reception counters. Its stylish design and intelligent features make it a unique and thoughtful gift choice. Whether in an office, home, or commercial setting, this smart planter seamlessly combines aesthetics and practicality, showcasing the perfect blend of care and modern technology.

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